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Fast charging up to 180kW

About Us
Groen Goud Biervliet

Fast charging in style: discover Groen Goud Biervliet in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Discover the future of electric charging at Groen Goud Biervliet. For us, fast charging goes beyond just charging. Enjoy luxurious facilities, delicious coffee and tasty treats while you wait. Make your charging break an enjoyable experience and experience electric charging in style. Welcome to a new dimension of comfort and convenience.

You need some charging as well? Treat yourself to our coffee, pastries and sandwiches in the kiosk!


Hot drinks

Apple pie

Chocolate pie

Red Velvet cake

Apple pastry

Chocolade cookie

Dutch filled cookie




Latte macchiato

Hot chocolate milk



Soft drinks

Panini chicken pesto

Panini Caprese

Panini Tuna

Cheese tosti

Toast with ham and cheese

Frikandel pastry

Cheese pastry

Sausage pastry


Coca Cola zero

Fanta Orange

Ice Tea

Ice Tea Green 





Sparkling water

Still water

Soup of the day

with bread & herb butter

Charlotte Groen Goud Biervliet

Groen Goud Biervliet Reviews

“As a sales representative, I drive more than 100.000 kilometers a year with an electric car. Partly because of Groen Goud Biervliet, I enjoy driving those kilometers!”

M. van Dijk

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Fast charging for trucks, cars and bicycles

With seven connections for charging trucks and cars up to 180 kW, we are an important hub for electric drivers in the region and for those traveling from the Netherlands to Belgium. The power is generated by approximately 7,000 solar panels.

While your truck, car or bicycle is loading, you can enjoy the luxurious facilities of Groen Goud Biervliet. There is a park to walk through, a self-cleaning toilet is available and there is plenty to eat at the manned kiosk. We look forward to welcoming you!


Contact Us
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Do you have questions about fast charging, our farm vending machines or the kiosk? Let us know!

+316 513 608 31

Groen Goud Biervliet 

Middenweg 13A

4521 PG  Biervliet

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Opening hours:

The kiosk is open:
Monday to Saturday;

Manned service:
Monday to Saturday;
6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fast charging 24/7
On Sundays you can open the gate yourself by the button.
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An authentic family business

An authentic family business: the Goud sisters and sisters-in-law are the core of this company. The subsidiary of Groen Goud Biervliet B.V. started in 2023 and is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and facilities for electric driving, ready for the future. Can we welcome you soon?

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